MediMode(TM) Behavioral

MediMode(TM) Behavioral provides the primary lighting requirements for the patient environment while addressing the safety and security concerns of behavioral health spaces. The construction is designed to reduce risk of ligature, hiding of contraband, and general damage to the luminaire.


Evexia is designed to meet the ambient and reading lighting needs in patient rooms and assisted living facilities. The luminaire has a low profile that reduces the visual impact on the wall. The contoured shape, smooth surface and anti-microbial finish support infectious disease control efforts.


The MediMode provides the primary lighting needs for the patient environment. The ambient and reading compartment provide a low-glare even illumination while the dedicated compartment for exam lighting delivers 100+ fc for critical examination functions. A full lensed door is available with stainless steel hinge or secured by screws.


The Obsidian Message Sign provides a reliable method to communicate critical messaging. The high contrast face panel clearly communicates the message in highly visible red or green letters when the sign is energized. In the Off condition, the face becomes black without any message bleed through – eliminating any confusion.


Use as a substitute for Prescolite MSL or SLLED.The NiteWay(TM) patient room night light is the ideal choice for the demands of healthcare environments. It combines an aesthetically pleasing form with low glare performance, rugged durability and water-tight construction. NiteWay is also suitable for commercial, hospitality and residential applications.