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K512-614 Series

The Traditional sign series offers a rich design compatible with historic architectural themes. Suitable applications could include classic government buildings, schools, churches, theaters, and museums.

S157 Surface Series

This compact Steplite with its standard louver, sharp cut-off louver, and non-louvered options is one of our most popular series. It is appropriate for a variety of interior or exterior applications where surface conduit is required. The rugged construction, engineering excellence, and quality make these fixtures ideal for specification in most public areas.

L211 Series

This directional Steplite features high performance LEDs along with the addition of a receptacle or sensor. Its unique optical design provides impressive forward-throw while aliminating any visible light above horizontal. The matte black internal baffle minimizes glare. Integral driver simplifies specifications and installation. The rugged construction, engineering excellence, and quality make this fixture ideal for…


When is an illuminated handrail not a handrail? When it’s a Guardrail, of course. Guardrails have the same structural requirements as a handrail; however, they’re not subject to ADA or paths of egress compliance. Additionally, the rails must fall within a 39″ to 45″ AFF height, rather than a handrail’s 34″ to 38″ AFF height.