Lux Illuminaire

Lux Illuminaire is solely focused on creating architectural lighting products that are as subtle as they are brilliant in suspended, recessed, and wall-mounted applications. Our luminaires utilize state-of-the-art technologies, including name brand componentry, advanced optics, and integrated controls, providing the most energy efficient products on the market today. Our in-house team of industrial designers and…


Representing a paradigm shift in lighting design practice, Tambient consolidates two-component lighting systems into a single luminaire, eliminating the need for overhead lighting. Tambient’s unique single-component task ambient system is flexible, easy to use, and suitable for a wide range of applications including corporate and commercial office buildings, call centers, library and study environments, and…

Intense Lighting

Established in 2001 and headquartered in Anaheim, CA, Intense Lighting believes in creating performance-driven luminaire families that provide exceptional value to customers. We offer specification and commercial grade lighting solutions to enhance the environments where people work, play and live. Intense strives to develop products that resonate with the architectural community by blending technology, strong…


JLC-Tech is the exclusive manufacturer of the only patented LED lighting fixture that actually replaces cross Tees in a suspended grid ceiling system. The T-BAR LED™ by JLC-Tech is the only product that saves nearly 50% in installation costs as well as gives the end user all the energy savings of LED technology!


Beacon Products designs and manufactures high quality, specification grade outdoor LED products that deliver industry-leading performance for the commercial, municipal and community development markets.

Bruck Lighting

Ledra Brand’s extensive line of fixtures has and continues to use reliable, energy efficient LED’s that have led the way in the commercial, residential and lighting design communities. Continuing to make breakthroughs in technology for performance, decorative and architectural lighting, Ledra Brands provides the latest in solid state technology, while changing age old standards of…


We connect people to the power that moves them forward, the light that guides their way and the data that drives their lives. From single-family homes to the biggest commercial buildings and industrial facilities in the world, we create smart, safe, sustainable environments that save energy, time and money.